Congress Main Topics
What concerns you about the COVID, influenza, and pneumonia vaccines
Should I vaccinate my child with Covid-19?
I'm unable to quit smoking; am I frail?
Should I have a check-up for lung diseases?
Why am I coughing for so long?
COVID-19 in all aspects of asthma and allergy sufferers
Your inquiries regarding COVID-19 and the risk of blood clots
Is TB still around in this day and age?
There is no miracle cure for COPD
Why Are My Inhaler Medications Not Working? (Patient Usage Errors)
Respiratory rehabilitation in chronic lung diseases
Who is eligible for a lung transplant?
Why Is the Pandemic Not Ending? Is this our fate?
Myths and Truths About the Covid-19 Vaccine
What should you concentrate your efforts on if you have COVID?
I had COVID, when will my shortness of breath improve?
My relative is in intensive care
Electronic cigarette: Being caught in hail while escaping the rain
What is the impact of the climate crisis and air pollution on our health?
Snoring may be a sign of a serious medical condition
Is my obsession with hygiene making me a pulmonary disease patient?
Should I be concerned about a lung nodule?
Precautions against COVID in the workplaces
The pandemic-related deaths of healthcare personnel


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